Big Mountain Jesus

Photo By CarleyJane
Photo By CarleyJane

Big Mountain Jesus, why so sad?

It cannot be the view.
For surely Northwest Montana is just as beautiful
As it was the day you arrived
Over 50 years ago
Commemorating the 10th Mountain Division
Men who skied the Alps for the Allies
Who in Italy and France found solace
In numerous shrines.
I guess things seemed grim, and yet
they found perspective.

It cannot be your powder blue toga.
(Though I do wonder if that is the best choice, given the climate)
True, some flannel-lined pants, or maybe
A wool sweater would better trap the heat.
But then they’d possibly restrict
Your out-raised arms and
Your bleeding heart.
And a toboggan! Don’t get me started,
that would have given you hat head.
All in all, a robe is not a bad choice,
Blue looks good on you
The tourists note it compliments the sky.

It cannot be the Constitution.
It’s true, those bickering over it
And its several clauses
Seem to miss the point.
Your baby-blue eyes
With their soul-searching power
They have rights too.
So you go right ahead, please continue
Establishing and
Subjecting each skier
vacationing on the hill
To your sovereign will.
Each descends
In sprays of fresh powder
To do your mighty bidding.

Really, Big Mountain Jesus, why so sad?
I mean, transfiguration happens?


NPR 12/3/12: ‘Big Mountain Jesus’ Statue Divides Montanans


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